Cosmic Existence

Grounded to the nature Of completeness, An inner paradise as a Separate, introverted entity, Despair has no chance to Flourish in my internal equity, Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming During the progression of My well being, Passion of life flows Through the ventricles Of my heart in my Mortal reality, Life is love and […]

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Music Is My Oxygen

Music is the life Raft that sets My freedom to Sail, A melodic air pocket Through the night skies Designed as a vail, An angelic gratification Meets my soul like A hand reading brail, My ears are clouds Swimming across the Heavens; casting Musical notes as A trail, This path leads To victory; where My […]

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The Perfect Night

It’s a beautiful night To vibe under the stars, A beautiful night to be the Fire that warms your heart While wrapping you in The valley of my arms, Creating a cloak of love As the universe takes her Course and watching the Tiny dancing ornaments Linger and perform, It’s a beautiful night to Discover […]

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You Are The Oceans

You are the ocean Yet you are the ripples, You are the waves that Sparkle amongst great depth In crystal after The waters wither, No matter how vast the Universe seems to be, You remain serene in The sea Of purity, Once the breeze brakes And the sun slowly sinks, It’s just you, casting the […]

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