Through the third eye IRealize the perception ofLife is relative to the individuals sight,As if paradise is a pair of diceHoping to paralyze the pairOf lies that lies within the mind,Paraphrasing the size of theNegative voices in the cerebral cortexWhere our ego resides,Where the ego demise and diesTo make room for consciousness to thrive,The most […]

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Eye Contact

The potency between ourFrequency when we lockEyes are the sacred keysTo an exultant embassy,I can live here for eternity,The corridors of our soulsMeeting are the catalystTo warm amorous feelings,The unity of our embassiesAre meant to be,The potency of our frequenciesAre a safe haven that protectsUs from the chaos that’sCursed by humanity,Her eye contact is love,Our […]

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Taking advantage ofBeing planted onThis planet before thisVessel sinks and ParrishAnd my existence startsTo vanish,My consciousness continuesTo follow the standards ofThe enlightened to disperseFrom the lost and damage,My soul whispers divinityIn the most transcendentalLanguage to protect meFrom being stranded by thePain that I was handed,I feel the earth in myVessels,I feel the breath of the […]

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I remember her aura matched theSentiment of her virtues alongWith the rosey cheeks that taperedDown to her chin,Nevertheless I saw reflectionsof the pain that I sentAs I glanced at the horizons full of regretWhile a gust of air blew memories thatNever cease to transcend,She had tears that could drown the wind,The wind became the pain […]

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She puts on foundationAfter she lostHer foundation,So I place roses on herPillow cases to show her thatShe’s the foundation toThe gravity of myIntergalactic space station,Life’s phases might change us,Yet life’s changes won’t phase us – Nick F. Hawkins

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Windows Of Her Soul

The sky is almostAs sublime as theEsoteric glareIn her eyes,Visions of tapestryIn reality as herAura glows andAn abundance ofEnergy glides asOur connectionsMagically intertwine,Those eyes are theCode to her soul,Her soul is theWindow of the divine – Nick F. Hawkins

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Unwritten Poems

She was an unwritten poemScripted beneath the requiemOf my jagged edged notebook,Her aura disfigured my perception ofThe way a rose looked,These unwritten poems ofBurnt flowers helped me grow,These burnt roses helped meRewrite what I was afraid to show,My unwritten poems neverDefined myself worth,These lost words escortedMe through the maze ofCurses within this earth,Now I’m one […]

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The Fireplace

Quiet flames don’tBurn the same,I remember whenWe used to torchThe fireplace onCold winter days,Impatiently waitedTogether for the seasonsTo change,Now that the seasonsEvolved; our love deteriorated,Our hearts were left burningIn that quiet fire place

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Digital Madness

Dove into this digitalStabbing of madness,A decade of compromisingDaily habits out ofSocial media statuses,Reality has been an absenceAnd socializing has vanished,Relationships became harderTo manage now that ourPresence has seemedTo be banished,Roaming in anguish toSocieties digital madness,I can no longer seeThe bigger picture,All I can see is the canvasThrough an iPhone camera – Nick F. Hawkins

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Moons Crescents

I’ve learned lessons fromThe blessings within theMoons crescents,The essence of calmnessAnnexed to transcendentalDevelopment,Each gaze is a sentimentalRegiment aligned withSequential benevolence,The moon in the skyIs my tranquility; myInternal settlement,I’m thankful for the moon,Her presence in the nightSky is forever heaven sent – Nick F. Hawkins

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