Self Control Is Strength


🔹 If you become self-governed  instead of dependent on others, your main concern would be your opinion of yourself, and not others’ opinion of you. You wouldn’t lie to yourself to escape a troublesome situation. People around you can’t bring you problems, how you deal with them and what you think are the seeds of cataclysm. 

🔹 The only way to conquer yourself is by shattering the chains of attachment and venturing away from negative thoughts. Look from within, not outside, to discover what you are truly  made of.

🔹 Avoid clinging indefinitely, this blatant protection you anticipate in others is also tarnished by insecurity, as everything – you’ll never have total security taking this path. Being infinitely reliant on others will decrease your sense of responsibility; you don’t grow ripe. True ascendency is found outside the limitations of dependence through realizing the strength of resilience.

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