Freedom Is The Absence Of Attachment

We all have our own personal perception of what freedom is. The majority of people would say freedom is the power to act, speak or think how they want without the restraint or hindrance of others. This is true in many ways, however our mentality towards the meaning of freedom can limit our awareness of […]

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Don’t Take It Personally

We often ruminate over the labels that people verbally give us. If someone calls us stupid, their gesture will linger in our minds for days, even weeks.  We give so much power to the judgements of others that their opinion has the potential to create an unhealthy balance of anxiety or depression within us.  This […]

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Gossiping Is The New Form Of Communication

For most people, gossiping is a normal form of communication. In reality, gossiping is a contagious, emotional virus that spreads like wildfire through low vibrational conversations.  The endless, cynical chatter between one person to the other creates repugnant bonds while reassuring that others feel just as bad. Misery always craves company. When people speak negatively […]

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Perception Matters

Rather good or bad, unexpected events will knock at your door, barge it’s way in and force you to play cards at your kitchen table. The cards that you’re given are all that you have, and the path that is taken after those cards are dealt is a one way street.  Unfortunately we have minimal […]

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The Paradox Of Comfort

The word comfort is rooted from the 13th century by the Old French language which means console or to cheer up. In today’s culture, comfort is known as something to expect yet bad to disperse from. Linking “com” and “fort” combined from its etymological roots; comfort means “together with strength”, or spirit. However “being in […]

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Sharing Music Is A Form of Intimacy

When you think of the word intimacy what’s the first thing that renders through your mind? I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of people would answer sex. Nevertheless, the first definition in the dictionary under intimacy is (close familiarity or friendship). Looking through the different definitions of intimacy, the terminology that resonates with […]

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