Experience Is The Teacher To All Things

People often overlook how uncomplicated it is to rebuild your habits without placing yourself under too much pressure too soon. 

Lasting transformative change is almost always the result of practicality, consistency, and incremental improvement because, for one, it works, and secondly, it continually promotes progress and force. 

if you are trying to create the habit of going to the gym on a daily basis, you must avoid making the 

task too demanding too soon, as that will disappoint you. 

In general, you ought to play the long game, as that is the one worth playing. 

People like to make things impractical for themselves, either by impatience or carelessness…

This is when they allow their ego to decide for them…

A typical propensity to speed up the process, even though such a route can lead to an undesirable outcome. 

Further, learn to track your habits to know where you stand, because you can’t say how much you progressed unless you are conscious of where you started.

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