Those Eyes

All can be resolvedWithin the corridorsOf those eyes,New realms are realizedLike the wings ofButterflies after theFirst communionWith the sky,Those eyes areMy souls allies,My mind elects toRender each eyeContact that herEyes supply,I’m subjected toThe paramount gazeThat she chimes as ifOur mutual planets align,Her gaze is paradise – Nick F. Hawkins

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The Rivers

Divine presence is anesthesia forFor my soul,My soul is the river that flows evenIn the cold when it’s 32 below,Below my cerebral roads whereI deplete the voices of my egoI continue to row this mentalSailboat along the tidesAmongst the waters of growth,This river of consciousness keepsMe afloat,Staying afloat is a miracle,A miracle that births hope,Hope […]

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Emotions On Mars

I left my emotions on Mars,I can feel us drifting apartThe deeper I float throughThe dark,Deep space seems to be asDeep as these scars,These scars start to makeBreathing a lost art,Gasping for breathAmongst the stars,I left you a map withThe directions to Mars,Just Incase you were lookingFor the place where I placedMy heart – Nick […]

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Solitude Is Freedom

Solitude aligned my soul withThe universe as my spirit unwinds,Time pours into my hour glass slowly,Time is my unrefined red wine,Peace within the moment ofSilence spreads the wingsTo my mind,Solitude is blissful,Solitude is divine,Divinity is honorable,Honor is the divine KeyThat unlocks spiritualWealth amidst the coilsOf this precious life,Solitude is beautiful,A complete escape fromThe malign – […]

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External Monsters

I found wisdom on the roadOf understanding others,Yet I’ve discovered enlightenmentOn the journey of knowingMy true colors,The self behind the daily maskThat society hands meOnce I arise fromMy routine slumber,I’ve awakened andNow the entireUniverse surrenders,I’ve came,I saw,And I viscously conqueredThe external monsters – Nick F. Hawkins

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Lost Art Of Love

Somehow true loveBecame a misplaced art,It comes and goesJust as the sunAnd day departs,What was once theDriving nature ofHuman kind,Slowly shifted intoThe dusty old paintingShoved along the cornerIn the dark,Love isn’t what exhaustThe heart,It’s the lack of faithThat we placed beforeWe gave love a chanceFrom the start – Nick F. Hawkins

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Soul Batteries

The power of balanceIs the battery that ignitesMy spiritual compass toGuide me in the directionOf infinite prosperity,As above so below theSounds ofTranscendental melodies,As below so above mySeven principles of clarity,I see the light yet blindTo the realms of disparity,I’ve discovered the balance withinThe compass that is poweredBy the vibrations ofMy souls batteries – Nick F. […]

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This Train

Language is never the stationWhere we shall leave this train,Words will never proceedThe elements ofLove, and pain,Emotion keeps the LocomotiveIn motion throughout theMoments when the railsWither and tarnish,The type of motion thatWords can never harness,The type of emotionThat derails the courageTo let this train coastAnd flourish onceThe engine worsens,All we need is spiritualStillness to keepThis […]

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Maroon Moon

Her eyes reminds me of The nights when the sun Met the moon, behind The silent, purple skies, Yet her soul flourished In the serene color of maroon, Heavenly smells of her perfume Resumed my heart to bloom Like sunflowers do Amidst the birth of June, The mere thought of her Beautiful eyes matching Her […]

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Majestic Essence

Divine frequencyperpetually plants the seedsNeeded for the Nirvana I cherish,My parachute seized to parish,Nevertheless blessings from theElements became heaven sentAs my spirits flourish,I can feel the connection,I can sense divine aura asMy bubble of supreme protectionFrom any detrimental presence,The more I cherish these blessings,The closer I connect to the infiniteLessons that beams majestic essence – […]

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