Don’t Take It Personally

We often ruminate over the labels that people verbally give us. If someone calls us stupid, their gesture will linger in our minds for days, even weeks.  We give so much power to the judgements of others that their opinion has the potential to create an unhealthy balance of anxiety or depression within us.  This […]

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Gossiping Is The New Form Of Communication

For most people, gossiping is a normal form of communication. In reality, gossiping is a contagious, emotional virus that spreads like wildfire through low vibrational conversations.  The endless, cynical chatter between one person to the other creates repugnant bonds while reassuring that others feel just as bad. Misery always craves company. When people speak negatively […]

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Cold Winter

Quiet flames don’t Burn the same, I remember when We used to torch The fireplace on Cold winter days, Impatiently waited Together for the seasons To change, Now that the seasons Evolved; our love deteriorated, Our hearts were left burning In that quiet fire place – Nick F. Hawkins

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  I want to dive inside Your mind, I want to witness the Vibes of your pineal Gland and cerebral Cortex to discover Your true tribe, Your intricate signs That your zodiac symbols Bring to life aligns with mine, We are synchronized astrologically, Spiritually, and through Our third eye, The way we coexist and harmonize […]

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My Constellations

There’s peace within My constellations, An inner nation flourished With the fragrance Of salvation as my foundation, An Infinite vacation adjacent From any detrimental occasions, Nevertheless; my spirituality is blatant, I’m a mere soul in a body wandering Around in open spaces, Loving every moment in Existence, Recognizing the frequency of My own vibrations – […]

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Perception Matters

Rather good or bad, unexpected events will knock at your door, barge it’s way in and force you to play cards at your kitchen table. The cards that you’re given are all that you have, and the path that is taken after those cards are dealt is a one way street.  Unfortunately we have minimal […]

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Toxic Basement

I’ve been aquatinted To patients instead of Lingering around the Corridor of an Anxiety basement, Leaving that toxic Underground station Vacant is what influenced Progression within My internal nations, That toxic basement Is the past, That underground station Is now filled with cobwebs Amongst the realm of The ancient – Nick F. Hawkins

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Inner Cosmos

None resistant to The universal flow, I let things come and Go along with the wind As it blows, Burning the sage along With my past that I’ve Once occupied in a Cage full of sorrows, Now that I’ve donated My cage of sorrows To the source of my Mental embargo, My soul illuminated A […]

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