Experience Is The Teacher To All Things

People often overlook how uncomplicated it is to rebuild your habits without placing yourself under too much pressure too soon.  Lasting transformative change is almost always the result of practicality, consistency, and incremental improvement because, for one, it works, and secondly, it continually promotes progress and force.  if you are trying to create the habit […]

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Never Let People Choose Your Path

To have mastery over restraint is synonymous to having mastery over governing your desires and commanding yourself to follow through with it. It is not your needs that discourages you, but your impulsive desires. There are numerous paths to achieving mastery, and if you are determined you will definitely find one that suits you.  But […]

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Self Control Is Strength

♠️Resilience♠️ 🔹 If you become self-governed  instead of dependent on others, your main concern would be your opinion of yourself, and not others’ opinion of you. You wouldn’t lie to yourself to escape a troublesome situation. People around you can’t bring you problems, how you deal with them and what you think are the seeds […]

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An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

♠️Boldness & Limitations♠️ 🔹Boldness will decrease limitations while simultaneously restricting the mental drawbacks that inhibit us from conquering our goals and becoming the better version of ourselves. 🔹People that are remembered for their unique dispositions are only achieved for their adventurous spirits. They maneuver grandiosely through obstacles without hesitation in order to follow their purpose. […]

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Conquer Yourself

If your values aren’t structured, then every target that you aim for will be moving, while delaying your shot to victory. Consequently, if you are not shaping your own values, then someone else will end up creating them for you. The more steadfast your values are, the less your target sways. You can’t fire before […]

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Go With Your Heart

If you can drop and do pushups to failure at any given time, If you can take the time to listen to evidence against your strongest held beliefs without bugging a hint of anger or offense, If you can see others making millions while you’re losing your mind and never for a moment hope they […]

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What We Know Is A Drop

🔹 If we were to expand our perception from a birds eye view, one can come to realize that hard times can be our greatest teacher. 🔹 Struggling through difficult problems can teach the value of being humble. 🔹 We can also learn a lot from different people if we are willing to listen and […]

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Every Act Rewards Itself

Action is the variable between you and your deepest desires. Any person that has achieved an immense amount of success  will tell you that consistent action in the focused direction is what creates the results that we are looking for. But you can’t wait for the opportunity to fall in your lap; you have to […]

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