Cosmic Existence

Grounded to the nature Of completeness, An inner paradise as a Separate, introverted entity, Despair has no chance to Flourish in my internal equity, Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming During the progression of My well being, Passion of life flows Through the ventricles Of my heart in my Mortal reality, Life is love and […]

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The Universe That I Woke Up In

As human beings, civilization has fulfilled its potential. We have not evolved in the past 10,000 years from the indigenous functions of our ancestors. From discovering fire to soaring 40,000 feet in the sky, it’s no secret that we are quite an amazing species. The routines that we endure through our daily lives are mostly […]

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I Dove Into A Sea Of Consciousness

I dove into a purple sea of consciousness. This purple sea started from a dream and metaphorically merged into my reality. Ancient folklores often use calm waters as an allegory for over coming adversity, which every human on this earth can relate to. The most intrinsic way to battle the internal Tempest planted beneath our […]

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