There’s Two Types Of Mind Sets

There are two ways to view life. Through the eyes of a pigeon or through the eyes of an eagle. Without a doubt, pigeons and eagles have two diverse mentalities on their place on earth. The pigeon sits around day by day, waiting for someone to feed them or luck up on left overs from human debris in the trash cans or pollution infested environments where they fight each other over scraps to eat what’s left from their fellow species. 

Whereas the eagle takes a much different approach. The eagle flies to the top of a mountain and then soares full speed into shallow water to catch a fish twice its size. Nevertheless when it’s finish consuming the fish that they caught, they will pluck another bird out of the sky in mid flight to fulfil their hunger in order to maintain the energy needed to protect their families. 

The eagles doesn’t wait around for scraps or for people to feed them. They don’t rely on hope that there will be food left around on the ground, while taking what life is handed to them. The eagle goes out there and gets what it wants. 

A lot of people have goals and agendas that they hope will come to fruition  at some point in time. Yet most people don’t follow through with their aspirations. In order to achieve a goal requires sacrifice, however if the goal isn’t focused upon, the goal becomes the sacrifice. 

They say that the biggest ideas and inventions that awaits the universe is buried in the graveyard. Imagine all of the people in the past that had the potential to produce something great to change the world but sold themselves short. Think about what life would be like if Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King J.r, or Albert Einstein decided not to pursue their passions. What if Jimi Hendrix would have gave up on learning the guitar or if Elun Musk chose the conventional route in life. 

Every person on this planet has the potential to be an eagle regardless of the circumstances. I’ve seen a woman with no legs run 100 miles. That woman definitely has the mindset of an eagle. We are all on this earth for a limited time. Make that time felt. Be an eagle.

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