My intuition is aSpiritual whisper,A silent river thatFlows through myInner mental,A home to my pinealGland to open myThird eye when myAura freezes and shivers,Living amongst a temperamentalMirror reflecting on myAnimalistic figures,Looking back showed meThat I am detached fromAny egoistic triggers,I’ve come to discover thatThe man in the mirrorIs an essential memberOf the bigger picture – […]

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The Land I Walk On

Woke up from a comatose,My third Eye was closed forFar too long,I’ve discovered heavenIn my soul from revivingAmongst the 14 karats thatFlows in the midst ofThe aura that I expose,My vision remains purpleAnd gold; matching myHeart along withMy skin tone,Neutral as a neutron IStand calm to prepareFor future stormsThat flourish aboveThe land that I walk […]

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