Freedom Is The Absence Of Attachment

We all have our own personal perception of what freedom is. The majority of people would say freedom is the power to act, speak or think how they want without the restraint or hindrance of others. This is true in many ways, however our mentality towards the meaning of freedom can limit our awareness of what or who we are truly enslaved to. 

Attachment to ideas, people and things can subtly take control over our lives.

We tend to value our attachments more than we value ourselves. For instance, when someone disagrees with our political or religious beliefs, our first impulse is to persuade that person why they should believe what we believe. If they refuse, a burst of frustration shocks our body. 

Our attachments to our beliefs can be so strong that we sometimes judge those that are close to us just because they don’t agree with our convictions. 

In order to truly discover our freedom we have to detach from our sentiments. True understanding is to understand that we don’t fully understand anything.

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