Moons Crescents

I’ve learned lessons fromThe blessings within theMoons crescents,The essence of calmnessAnnexed to transcendentalDevelopment,Each gaze is a sentimentalRegiment aligned withSequential benevolence,The moon in the skyIs my tranquility; myInternal settlement,I’m thankful for the moon,Her presence in the nightSky is forever heaven sent – Nick F. Hawkins

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Her Vibes

I want to dive insideYour mind,I want to witness theVibes of your pinealGland and cerebralCortex to discoverYour true tribe,Your intricate signsThat your zodiac symbolsBring to life aligns with mine,We are synchronized astrologically,Spiritually, and throughOur third eye,The way we coexist and harmonizeOnly comes around once in a lifetime,Instantly I knew the better half ofYour heart is […]

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My intuition is aSpiritual whisper,A silent river thatFlows through myInner mental,A home to my pinealGland to open myThird eye when myAura freezes and shivers,Living amongst a temperamentalMirror reflecting on myAnimalistic figures,Looking back showed meThat I am detached fromAny egoistic triggers,I’ve come to discover thatThe man in the mirrorIs an essential memberOf the bigger picture – […]

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The Land I Walk On

Woke up from a comatose,My third Eye was closed forFar too long,I’ve discovered heavenIn my soul from revivingAmongst the 14 karats thatFlows in the midst ofThe aura that I expose,My vision remains purpleAnd gold; matching myHeart along withMy skin tone,Neutral as a neutron IStand calm to prepareFor future stormsThat flourish aboveThe land that I walk […]

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Purple Clouds

I’ve witnessed thesePurple clouds collapseIn the winter,The sky fell within thePresence of chaotic filters,December became aDistorted Instagram picture,A blurry figure that I begNot to remember,My heart froze And shiveredInward as my innerPurpose timbered,I arose after I put onMy binoculars to scopeOut the bigger picture,I’ve came, I saw, I’ve conqueredWinters blizzard with theStrength of my mentalAnd […]

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