The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away a small stone – Confucius

🔹The largest oak tree had to start from a seed just like anything, or anyone else that’s seen as big.

🔹The process to greatness has always stemmed from massive action. There’s no way around that. 

🔹Any other way will pretty much break the laws of nature. 

🔹In other words, that’s just how the world works. Massive results can never be the effect of mediocrity.

🔹Think about a diamond. 

🔹A diamond is formed by the process of carbon atoms and very high temperature packed with extreme pressure for the duration of 1 to 3.5 billion years. 

🔹That’s 25% of earth’s existence!!!

🔹I’m assuming that you agree with me that this process takes a long time.

🔹With that said, us humans are no different. The process for us to become a diamond takes extreme action as well. 

🔹And this extreme action can take some time. Possibly more time than you anticipated.

🔹So don’t get discouraged.

🔹Remember… Greatness takes time

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