What We Know Is A Drop

🔹 If we were to expand our perception from a birds eye view, one can come to realize that hard times can be our greatest teacher.

🔹 Struggling through difficult problems can teach the value of being humble.

🔹 We can also learn a lot from different people if we are willing to listen and never think that we know it all.

🔹 No matter how much we know, we only know a tiny fraction of the vast amount of all available knowledge.

🔹 A lifetime isn’t enough to master more than a few things, if at all.

🔹 It pays to stay humble, and accepting that we know nothing and learn from the masters of other fields.

🔹 A wise man once said, “what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know.”

🔹This is an antidote to arrogance as well as an encouragement to curiosity and adventure.

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