Conquer Yourself

If your values aren’t structured, then every target that you aim for will be moving, while delaying your shot to victory.

Consequently, if you are not shaping your own values, then someone else will end up creating them for you.

The more steadfast your values are, the less your target sways.

You can’t fire before you aim.

Start by finding what is most important to you?

Understand what your philosophies are…

Next, think of which traits you hold that can help you live true to those values

Lastly, find a way that helps you live true to what you believe.

Maybe that means getting getting shredded in the gym everyday,

Maybe you need to find a completely new field at work or a hobby that makes you excited about waking up.

Sure, you can hold onto your values, but if your environment doesn’t support them you will find it corrosive to yourself.

Remember, if you do not hold true to your own values then you will be taken advantage of.

Your feeling of dread means you’re either not living true to what you believe or you’re allowing others to decide what you believe.

Your anxiety will diminish with decisive action.

Once you find your values, grind relentlessly to maintain those values in your life

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