Self Control Is Strength

♠️Resilience♠️ 🔹 If you become self-governed  instead of dependent on others, your main concern would be your opinion of yourself, and not others’ opinion of you. You wouldn’t lie to yourself to escape a troublesome situation. People around you can’t bring you problems, how you deal with them and what you think are the seeds […]

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Go With Your Heart

If you can drop and do pushups to failure at any given time, If you can take the time to listen to evidence against your strongest held beliefs without bugging a hint of anger or offense, If you can see others making millions while you’re losing your mind and never for a moment hope they […]

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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away a small stone – Confucius

🔹The largest oak tree had to start from a seed just like anything, or anyone else that’s seen as big. 🔹The process to greatness has always stemmed from massive action. There’s no way around that.  🔹Any other way will pretty much break the laws of nature.  🔹In other words, that’s just how the world works. […]

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Emotions On Mars

I left my emotions on Mars,I can feel us drifting apartThe deeper I float throughThe dark,Deep space seems to be asDeep as these scars,These scars start to makeBreathing a lost art,Gasping for breathAmongst the stars,I left you a map withThe directions to Mars,Just Incase you were lookingFor the place where I placedMy heart – Nick […]

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External Monsters

I found wisdom on the roadOf understanding others,Yet I’ve discovered enlightenmentOn the journey of knowingMy true colors,The self behind the daily maskThat society hands meOnce I arise fromMy routine slumber,I’ve awakened andNow the entireUniverse surrenders,I’ve came,I saw,And I viscously conqueredThe external monsters – Nick F. Hawkins

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Gossiping Is The New Form Of Communication

For most people, gossiping is a normal form of communication. In reality, gossiping is a contagious, emotional virus that spreads like wildfire through low vibrational conversations.  The endless, cynical chatter between one person to the other creates repugnant bonds while reassuring that others feel just as bad. Misery always craves company. When people speak negatively […]

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Cold Winter

Quiet flames don’t Burn the same, I remember when We used to torch The fireplace on Cold winter days, Impatiently waited Together for the seasons To change, Now that the seasons Evolved; our love deteriorated, Our hearts were left burning In that quiet fire place – Nick F. Hawkins

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Perception Matters

Rather good or bad, unexpected events will knock at your door, barge it’s way in and force you to play cards at your kitchen table. The cards that you’re given are all that you have, and the path that is taken after those cards are dealt is a one way street.  Unfortunately we have minimal […]

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