The Fireplace

Quiet flames don’tBurn the same,I remember whenWe used to torchThe fireplace onCold winter days,Impatiently waitedTogether for the seasonsTo change,Now that the seasonsEvolved; our love deteriorated,Our hearts were left burningIn that quiet fire place

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Her Vibes

I want to dive insideYour mind,I want to witness theVibes of your pinealGland and cerebralCortex to discoverYour true tribe,Your intricate signsThat your zodiac symbolsBring to life aligns with mine,We are synchronized astrologically,Spiritually, and throughOur third eye,The way we coexist and harmonizeOnly comes around once in a lifetime,Instantly I knew the better half ofYour heart is […]

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I love her frequency, Our chemistry is the Epitome of kinetic energy, We posses deep vibrations That can be found in string theory, She’s the string to my guitar and The rocks to my whisky, I’m so drunk in love I can Feel the havoc from my liver to kidneys, I can see myself tipsy […]

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Sharing Music Is A Form of Intimacy

When you think of the word intimacy what’s the first thing that renders through your mind? I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of people would answer sex. Nevertheless, the first definition in the dictionary under intimacy is (close familiarity or friendship). Looking through the different definitions of intimacy, the terminology that resonates with […]

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