Conversation Without Connection Is Like A Frame Without A Painting

2020 is an exciting time to be alive. On the contrary, there is a surplus of social deficiencies that permeates throughout our culture. As the use of social media increases, the lack of social intelligence follows at an unprecedented rate. Studies show that people are even looking at each other in the eye less during conversations, which displays incompetence in communication skills. 

There have been experiments proving that when the average person is messaging a friend on Facebook, they experience the same brain patterns as speaking to that person face to face. This is unfortunate for our preceding generations whose brains will eventually adapt to this way of conversing amongst one another. 

Could this affect the dynamics of romantic relationships? People are getting married less and there are fewer child births now since the beginning of time. If I had a wild guess, I would say that the decrease in procreation and romantic bonding would have a lot to do with the epidemic of social scarcity. 

We live in a time where people developed a fear of speaking to the opposite sex in person while in a social environment yet the average single millennial owns multiple dating apps, in hopes to finding a Romeo or Juliet for the weekend. Nonetheless, I see nothing wrong with using dating sites, however I do have a concern of what direction our future is going as far as social dynamics. 

I have faith in humanity. My hopes are that this over use in social media will eventually reverse at some point in time. Seeing couples, families, and friends on their phones while at restaurants darkens my soul. The world needs a social revolution to make speaking to others great again. 

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