Don’t Take It Personally

We often ruminate over the labels that people verbally give us. If someone calls us stupid, their gesture will linger in our minds for days, even weeks. 

We give so much power to the judgements of others that their opinion has the potential to create an unhealthy balance of anxiety or depression within us. 

This constant tension that penetrates pervasively through our minds is a form of self doubt. 

There’s a part of us thinking; “is this person clairvoyant, how did they know this about me”? We assume that they know what’s in our world, so we impose our world on them. 

As children, through the domestication process and education, we were primed to take everything personally. Our subconscious minds were groomed to believe that we were responsible for everything. “Me… me … me”. 

In reality, nothing that people think, do, or believe is because of us. People are prisoners of their own minds and contrived beliefs. If somebody thinks that you lack intellect, overweight etc, it’s because of the projections that they put on the world and their programmed thoughts on what reality should be. 

How others see the world is nobody’s fault but their own.

We tend to feel attacked or offended when people don’t agree with us. The defense of our beliefs can create conflict in the blink of an eye. 

We also try hard to be right and project our opinions on the other person to let them know why we are right. However, our assessments are subjective. What we say or feel are just reflections of our own personal understanding. 

We have this innate ideology that everyone should think and feel like us when in fact, we are simply taking other people’s perception personally. 

A person’s point of view is nobody’s truth but their own. It’s something that’s personal to their way of life. 

If someone were to get mad at you, it’s not you that they are mad at. You Are The excuse for their anger. The true anger comes from their degree of none acceptance. It’s a personal shot at their subjections which leads to a mental hell. 

People can only understand things at their level of consciousness. 

The only way to avoid the road to mental Hell is not take other people’s opinions seriously. You can remain free in your own state of bliss. 

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