Gossiping Is The New Form Of Communication

For most people, gossiping is a normal form of communication. In reality, gossiping is a contagious, emotional virus that spreads like wildfire through low vibrational conversations. 

The endless, cynical chatter between one person to the other creates repugnant bonds while reassuring that others feel just as bad. Misery always craves company.

When people speak negatively of others, a sense of superiority conjures up within their ego. 

Subconsciously, people enjoy talking down on others because it makes them feel better about the problems that tarnishes the lives that they live in. 

In fact, studies show that people have similar brainwave activity while watching reality shows, or soap operas, as when gossiping about others.

Gossiping is similar to having a computer virus in your mind. When computers get viruses, they don’t function properly. 

For example, a person starting a new job befriends a coworker who’s been working there for years. The coworker starts to implant verbal viruses in her ear about their manager. The long term employee continues on about how much of a disloyal slob, and pervert the manager is. 

When the manager walks in, the new employee can’t help but to see her manager through the eyes of her new friend.

She starts to hate her manager, then gossips to other new employees, creating a chain of rumors that never ends. Then she ends up leaving her job because she hates her manager. 

All of the poison that was implanted in her head, created false narratives of her manager and caused her to leave her job. She blames her manager yet the gossip was the true variable to blame.

One source of misinformation can cause every person that is infected by it to spread the virus.

Imagine if every person that gossips to you is actually implanting a computer virus in your head. 

How cautious would you be about hearing gossip if this was the case?

Seeing the world through a computer virus is mentally draining. 

Think about all of the times that you gossiped about people that you  love just to get people to support your point of view.

Don’t be ashamed because we all have done it. 

We tend to hook other people’s attention on the poison that we spread about our loved ones so we can feel like we are right.

However, we aren’t ever right, or wrong. It’s just our opinion which is based off of our ego and beliefs. 

Sometimes we even speak negatively about ourselves. 

We tend to create self talk like I’m stupid, I’ll never be good enough, or I’m fat. 

This is all a result of the ego. Planting viruses in our own mind is just as detrimental as planting viruses in others. 

If we can be aware of the contagious, mental viruses that we spread, we can mark one less poison from the world’s checklist.  

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