The Man Who Has No Imagination Has No Wings

🔹 Muhammad Ali has inspired me since the age of nine.

🔹 He almost went to prison for 5 years because he would not back down on his beliefs. Fortunately he was able to avoid prison however, he was banned from boxing for 4 years in the midst of his prime.

🔹 Even though he could not fight during his most prominent years, he did not let this stop him from being the best boxer of all time.

🔹 When he fought George Forman, known as The Rumble In The Jungle Fight, which was the greatest sporting event in the 20th century, was watched by over 1 billion viewers world wide, marking the fight as the worlds most viewed broadcast in history.

🔹 Ali was the leading heavy weight boxer of the 20th century, while also winning Grammy Awards as a musician in Germany. Ali definitely followed his dreams and did whatever called to his heart.

🔹 That’s why Ali inspires me; he helps me realize that there aren’t any limits but ourselves.

🔹 Who inspires you? I would like to know. Leave a comment of who and what inspires you.

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