Don’t Complain About The Snow On Your Neighbors Roof

🔹 Those who personalise the impersonal can’t handle the personal. They have no chance because instead of creating a path for themselves, they are more concerned with what path others are taking.

🔹 These types of people lack the integrity to forgo their own desires and to focus on what they need to do to get what they need and want.

🔹 It’s like seeing the world as competition, yet not being able to handle the adversary.

🔹 If one gets flustered easily by activities of random people who have nothing against them, they will break when the heat is targeted directly on them.

🔹 The more easily triggered the less effective that person can be.

🔹 Don’t let these types of people scare you of going against the grain.

🔹 In fact, actively pursue it once you sense the type of temperament from others.

🔹 Especially when it comes to health and fitness.

🔹 Let their hatred ignite the fire from within you to do 5 more reps.

🔹 Think in your mind every time you’re in the gym “ 5 more reps for a hater” or “ 2 more miles for a hater”

🔹 Haters are walking examples of how not to do things.

🔹 Just because they are out of shape doesn’t mean that you have to accept being in the same condition as them. You don’t have to be ok with feeling weak and sluggish as they do.

🔹 Let them drive you to do better.

🔹 Discipline creates momentum.

🔹 Momentum is what keeps you in the fight.

🔹 It’s what keeps you going.

🔹 Every single day, focus on building momentum by doing what needs to be done each day regardless of how you feel.

🔹 One task at a time. With a smile on your face.

🔹 Your life will change.

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