My Tranquility

I’ve learned lessons from The blessings within the Moons crescents, The essence of calmness Annexed to transcendental Development, Each gaze is a sentimental Regiment aligned with Sequential benevolence, The moon in the sky Is my tranquility; my Internal settlement, I’m thankful for the moon, Her presence in the night Sky is forever heaven sent – […]

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My intuition is a Spiritual whisper, A silent river that Flows through my Inner mental, A home to my pineal Gland to open my Third eye when my Aura freezes and shivers, Living amongst a temperamental Mirror reflecting on my Animalistic figures, Looking back showed me That I am detached from Any egoistic triggers, I’ve […]

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I love her frequency, Our chemistry is the Epitome of kinetic energy, We posses deep vibrations That can be found in string theory, She’s the string to my guitar and The rocks to my whisky, I’m so drunk in love I can Feel the havoc from my liver to kidneys, I can see myself tipsy […]

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Her Sentiments

Her mind is as delicious As her champagne kisses In the midst of the Sun sets visits, When her eyes twinkle Life is simple yet blissful In the presents of Her sentiments, She’s the breeze in the wind And heaven sent, The seasons blend to Her temperament amongst The earths elements – Nick F. Hawkins

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Clocks are a universal Treasure, Lost durations lead To intense measures, Time flies like Bird feathers, Seasons change along With this unstable weather, The future is never Promised, yet The now is always honest, Presence is the addiction That I harvest, I shy away from The past as if I Have dementia, The time that […]

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The Paradox Of Comfort

The word comfort is rooted from the 13th century by the Old French language which means console or to cheer up. In today’s culture, comfort is known as something to expect yet bad to disperse from. Linking “com” and “fort” combined from its etymological roots; comfort means “together with strength”, or spirit. However “being in […]

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