A Mind That Is Full Of Conclusion Is A Dead Mind

Our societal nuances plagues our ability to discover the novelt that patiently awaits us. The proficiency in the jobs, chores and hobbies that  we occupy creates an habitual safety net, which hinders us from lingering around the mysterious corridors of the unknown. We often protect the image of how we want others to see us instead of fueling the quest that our heart passionately desires. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a perfect example of breaking the tormenting shackles, anchored by social pressure. He had many interest including, meditation, nature of the mind, human relationships, psychological revolution, and had a burning devotion towards radical change in society. After years of being groomed from adolescence to be a world teacher, Jiddu withdrew himself from the organization of theosophy and followed his heart to become a speaker, writer, and philosopher. His famous quote “ A mind that is full of conclusions is a dead mind. A living mind is a free mind, learning, never concluding,” tapers to the back of my mind daily.

It seems as if there is a default assumption that we must chase the American Dream in order to encounter the slipper slope of ambiguity that we like to call happiness. If you look up the  vague definition of happiness, which is and I quote, “The state of being happy,” proves that no one, even google or the dictionary, knows what happiness truly is. So what are we exactly chasing in life? Or are we all following an unwritten script in a play that we didn’t write? 

I have this theory that complexity impresses our peers and clarity impresses our souls. Regardless if you believe that we have souls or not, clarity within ourselves marks the apex of self peace and accordance. In order to solidify peace within ourselves requires us to  be the most enchanted listener of our heart when it speaks to us. 

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