The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away a small stone – Confucius

🔹The largest oak tree had to start from a seed just like anything, or anyone else that’s seen as big. 🔹The process to greatness has always stemmed from massive action. There’s no way around that.  🔹Any other way will pretty much break the laws of nature.  🔹In other words, that’s just how the world works. […]

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Emotions On Mars

I left my emotions on Mars,I can feel us drifting apartThe deeper I float throughThe dark,Deep space seems to be asDeep as these scars,These scars start to makeBreathing a lost art,Gasping for breathAmongst the stars,I left you a map withThe directions to Mars,Just Incase you were lookingFor the place where I placedMy heart – Nick […]

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Solitude Is Freedom

Solitude aligned my soul withThe universe as my spirit unwinds,Time pours into my hour glass slowly,Time is my unrefined red wine,Peace within the moment ofSilence spreads the wingsTo my mind,Solitude is blissful,Solitude is divine,Divinity is honorable,Honor is the divine KeyThat unlocks spiritualWealth amidst the coilsOf this precious life,Solitude is beautiful,A complete escape fromThe malign – […]

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Sharing Music Is A Form of Intimacy

When you think of the word intimacy what’s the first thing that renders through your mind? I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of people would answer sex. Nevertheless, the first definition in the dictionary under intimacy is (close familiarity or friendship). Looking through the different definitions of intimacy, the terminology that resonates with […]

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Heroes And Villains Of The Mind

At times the mind can be our worst enemy even on our best day. The perpetual madness that lurks in our brain, some call the monkey mind, hinders us from being in the moment and living our lives to the fullest. We tend to fixate our thoughts on past events along with the instant transition […]

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Cosmic Existence

Grounded to the nature Of completeness, An inner paradise as a Separate, introverted entity, Despair has no chance to Flourish in my internal equity, Grazed by bliss of visceral grooming During the progression of My well being, Passion of life flows Through the ventricles Of my heart in my Mortal reality, Life is love and […]

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The Universe That I Woke Up In

As human beings, civilization has fulfilled its potential. We have not evolved in the past 10,000 years from the indigenous functions of our ancestors. From discovering fire to soaring 40,000 feet in the sky, it’s no secret that we are quite an amazing species. The routines that we endure through our daily lives are mostly […]

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