What We Know Is A Drop And What We Don’t Know Is An Ocean

The impulse for opinion is a fog that hinders us from seeing further than our noses. This self sabotage of pinions project a screen of false narratives of who we are, what we believe, and constructs of what reality is. 

The infamous words of Isaac Newton, “ What we know is a drop what we don’t know is an ocean”, deems to be true within the  copious silhouettes of thought that lurks in the shadows of doubt and awareness of our indoctrinated perceptions. The viewpoint of society tranquilizes us in a cloud of comfort without the mystery of reasoning with opposing dispositions. 

The duality of cognitive paths to follow,  blinds us from the bigger picture, which is beyond the capacity of what the human mind can fathom. The concept of humans trying to understand the universe and the meaning of life etc, is like a cat trying to understand the internet. We don’t have enough variables or tools to even grasp 1% of the reality that we are experiencing. 

We are visually limited to the apertural realms of ultraviolet light and infrared light. Not to mention our confinement to the decibel range of frequencies that inhibits us from hearing the sounds of dog whistle, or a Spermwhale’s mating call. One can only imagine how much of this infinite space that we are missing out on because of our circumscription of the 5 primary senses.

The idea of non duality, which means undinved or centerless, illuminates the transcendence of this vast, infinite cosmos. Beyond our individualistic lenses, there is no beginning or end. There is only this moment, and forever the moments that we have. The majority of people on this earth are striving for a higher purpose, rather it is acquisition, spirituality, relationships, or even fame and riches. Even though this physical existence in these anatomical flesh puppets, we call bodies, covertly cast a temporary illusion, we all galvanize on the propensity that there is something greater than meets the eye.

The constant search for a higher purpose which we all indulge in, is like a wave in the ocean, looking for the ocean, while yearning to be apart from the ocean. From the beginning to the end, the waves were always apart of the ocean. In fact every wave is the water that is united to the ocean. Regardless if the ocean failed to find itself, it is still the ocean. We are all similar to the waves in the metaphor of the ocean. We are all what we are seeking.

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