Society Will Force Your Goals Upon You

Goals are the valiant roots, planted deep within the soil of our disposition. 

Without achievements to pursue, life becomes a vague paradox of transient events, that fleets away from us moment by moment. 

However, rather we like it or not, the wild duck hunt for goals is inevitable. If you don’t have goals, society will surely choose your goals for you. 

The life that our culture bribes us to follow is a universal mirage. The majority of our civilization is living in a trance, chasing a hallucination that doesn’t align with our true, innate passions. 

Our minds steadily drifts in and out of alternative realities of how superior our lives could be compared to our current condition. 

For example; a person browsing through YouTube comes across a commercial of a guy in a luxurious suit and Versace shades, driving a Lamborghini through Manhattan. As the commercial continues, the person watching thinks, “wow wouldn’t it be cool to do internet marketing like that guy”. This is how our minds can create a void through hallucinations. 

These mirages that we chase are like running on a hamster wheel. Once we dive into that mirage, we notice that it’s not for us so we find another one. 

The reality is, it takes 10,000 hours on average to master a craft. That much time spent on anything requires passion along with dedication. 

Chasing other people’s dreams is a one way ticket to disaster. Be that as it may, our only way to succeed, spiritually, mentally, and financially, is by doing what we love.

There’s a big difference between doing what you want to do and doing what society wants you to do. 

A question that should linger in our minds is; 

What do I really want out of life? 

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