The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius’s quote, “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts”, became an affirmation for me over the years. After practicing transcendental meditation daily, I’ve become more familiar with the concept that we are what our mind molds us to be. 

Many religions and philosophical practices share the theme that the mind creates our external reality. Even doctors and neuroscientist deem this theory to be true. There has been a multitude of occasions where people have compiled negative thoughts so frequently that they have developed fatal illnesses and even some cases of paralyzed limbs. Without a doubt our brains are one of the most prodigious forms of matter on earth. 

The mind can also heal the body just as much as it can wither it. A woman by the name of Anna Willems went through a deep depression in the mid 2000s after receiving news of her husbands suicide. She began to think about his death so much she became paralyzed and was later diagnosed with cancer along with a brain tumor. After years of distraught, Anna discovered meditation and the power of radical acceptance. Diving deep into the mental state of optimism, Anna healed her way out of cancer and paralyzation. She also received the astonishing news that her tumor was no longer in her brain. 

The omnipotents of the mind is shown in the first out of the seven hermetic principles, which is the principle of mentalism (The All is mind; The Universe is Mental).  The principle of mentalism embodies the ideology that the universe is infinitely combined to all life, energy, matter and consciousness from a universal intelligence field. The empirical notion of mentalism is depicted as the reasoning for phenomena, intuition and wisdom. It’s like viewing everything you think and do as a cause, later on advances to a goal that is expected and achieved which is the effect. The principle of mentalism empirically explains that our thoughts are deeper than the physical world and can be objectively transferred from one energy to another. 

We can literally do anything we put our minds to. We actually make our reality through the realms of our thoughts. Our souls becoming dyed to the color of our thoughts is one of the most poetic phrases to describe how powerful our minds are. Changing the world with our minds is a limitless possibility. 

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