What We Know Is A Drop And What We Don’t Know Is An Ocean

The impulse for opinion is a fog that hinders us from seeing further than our noses. This self sabotage of pinions project a screen of false narratives of who we are, what we believe, and constructs of what reality is.  The infamous words of Isaac Newton, “ What we know is a drop what we […]

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My Tranquility

I’ve learned lessons from The blessings within the Moons crescents, The essence of calmness Annexed to transcendental Development, Each gaze is a sentimental Regiment aligned with Sequential benevolence, The moon in the sky Is my tranquility; my Internal settlement, I’m thankful for the moon, Her presence in the night Sky is forever heaven sent – […]

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The Paradox Of Comfort

The word comfort is rooted from the 13th century by the Old French language which means console or to cheer up. In today’s culture, comfort is known as something to expect yet bad to disperse from. Linking “com” and “fort” combined from its etymological roots; comfort means “together with strength”, or spirit. However “being in […]

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Sharing Music Is A Form of Intimacy

When you think of the word intimacy what’s the first thing that renders through your mind? I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of people would answer sex. Nevertheless, the first definition in the dictionary under intimacy is (close familiarity or friendship). Looking through the different definitions of intimacy, the terminology that resonates with […]

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Heroes And Villains Of The Mind

At times the mind can be our worst enemy even on our best day. The perpetual madness that lurks in our brain, some call the monkey mind, hinders us from being in the moment and living our lives to the fullest. We tend to fixate our thoughts on past events along with the instant transition […]

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